About Conor Consulting
Our Mission
Conor Consulting is a full-service management consulting firm that helps organizations run better by assisting them with developing their leaders and improving their performance. We specialize in:
Our Vision
Provide world-class consulting services with a small-town feel.
Our Values
  • Integrity: We will always do the right thing, period.
  • Service: Our clients’ needs are our needs.
  • Responsiveness: Our clients’ priorities are our priorities.
  • Innovation: We treat each engagement, even if it is a repeat engagement with an existing client, as a new opportunity to create something special for our clients.
Our Approach
At Conor Consulting, we use evidence-based practices to help our clients solve their problems. Evidence-based solutions draw on a variety of academic and business disciplines, including organizational improvement, positive organizational psychology, sociology, human development, and leadership. Because of the broad range of our collective experiences, we are able to offer our clients holistic solutions to their most challenging problems.
  • We focus on integrating best practice ideas and leading academic theories into real-world situations.
  • We believe that success is never accidental; it always takes careful planning and deliberate execution to reach one’s goals.
  • We practice a holistic-systems approach to problem-solving.
Our Professional Affiliations
Our Founder
Coach Paul Conor, President and Managing Advisor, founded Conor Consulting in 2001, under the name Aquilus Enterprises. In 2006, we changed our name to Conor Consulting to better reflect the role we play in our clients lives. Conor Consulting's Associates are professional organizational leaders, experienced consultants, knowledgeable professors, or seasoned project managers with several years of experience. Our associates come from a wide variety of organizations, in both the public and private sectors.