Management Consulting

What is Management Consulting?

Organizational consulting is using knowledge and experience to solve organizational challenges. Most organizational leaders don’t have the time or resources to keep abreast of the latest research findings or emerging best practices in their industries. Conor Consulting has an extensive network of researchers and practitioners who are experienced at delivering sustainable results.

What Can I Expect From a Management Consulting Engagement?

Our consulting engagements occur in five distinct and dynamic phases:

  1. Investigation. We learn about the client and the challenge the client wants to resolve.
  2. Planning. We work with the client to create an effective action plan.
  3. Implementation. We perform the consulting intervention.
  4. Evaluation. We evaluate the success of the consulting intervention.
  5. Follow-Up. We work with the client to make further changes to the consulting intervention or organization.

Why Are An Increasing Number of Organizations Hiring Management Consultants?

The simple answer is because management consultants add value to organizations. Organizational leaders hire Conor Consulting because we increase profits, raise morale, improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver the solutions that improve our clients’ organizations.