Leadership Coaching
Photo of leadership coach
Leadership is a complex phenomenon that has its own specific set of competencies. Adding to the complexity of the leadership process are the individual personalities and experiences that each leader brings to the table. Leadership coaching allows for the customized assessment, identification, and growth of each leader’s skill set within the framework of a unified corporate culture. A leadership coaching program is a crucial component for any successful organization.
Leadership Coaching Benefits
Task-Related Behaviors:
  • Improved personal productivity
  • Increased organizational profitability and effectiveness
  • Increased organizational consistency

Relationship-Related Behaviors:
  • Improved interpersonal communications
  • Increased team cohesion
  • Increased understanding and valuing of differing perspectives

Personal Behaviors:
  • Improved career planning
  • Increased personal accountability
  • Increased happiness and emotional stability
Benefits of Working With Coach Paul
  • PhD in industrial/organizational psychology
  • Certified corporate coach since 1999
  • Multi-industry coaching experience
  • Performance coach for US Olympic and US Paralympic teams
  • Award-winning author
Leadership Coaching Process
  • Meet weekly, three times per month, 60-90 minutes
  • Discuss current challenges and brainstorm solutions
  • Develop action plans
  • Track progress weekly
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